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Meet your intructor

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You can trust you are in good hands!

My name is Gabriela,

I'm a Pilates and Gyrotonic® certified licensed instructor in Manhattan, NY

I've been teaching Pilates now for over 8 years. Mainly working with private clients focusing on post op-recoveries, or injury recoveries.

I invested years preparing with educational courses about rehabilitation, anatomy, Pilates for scoliosis, Pre and postpartum pilates, feet and pelvis well function research and work out, Progressive ballet technique among others to offer you a safe and well developed program.

After an injury that I experienced on my own body, including a complete Aquiles tendon tare and repaired by an amazing orthopedic surgeon I was looking for someone to trust getting back in shape to do at least the daily basic movement such as walking or taking the stairs feeling safe as I was recovering... I was lucky to find a good team of pt but never found that movement specialist/trainer  to trust my body completely to be guided as I was re-learning how to stand on my feet again. let's not even start talking about the anxiety and fear I felt walking around the must crowed city or taking the subway and maybe being push by accident or something and have taken a wrong atep or fell down.

That was the moment when I was determined to become that person I was looking for... and devoted my work to a healthy and real language to teach pilates open to all possibilities and body needs.

(Always following movement prescriptions from the doctors and PT) 

With a full body pilates based work out  starting from the beginning:

1. Breathing

2.Body awareness

3.Getting to know your body as a whole

4.Let's start answering the "How to..." and experience your body again feeling strong and free

5.Pilates is a constant conversion with your body, mostly listening.


So how you talk to yourself matters! How your body is being cued matters even more, the message has to be clear, precise and positive, inclusive, no wrong positions or mistakes... when your body moves a certain way there's a natural reason for it to do it and is giving us a constant feed back and information to work with and transform it into new patterns of movement that will keep you safe.

Wrapping things up! 

If where injured once and you are recovering or feel like you never fully will, I'm your person!  

Something really important that you should know is:

Never get use to pain.

Listen, I know this can sound like a trick, but there's no magic only your constant work  will give you results. The process can't be rush. Believe me when I say that IT IS POSSIBLE to move and work out and YOUR process will be ENJOYABLE AND PAIN FREE. because after experiencing results, you'll feel motivated and strong! not burnt out.

I know the hard thing is not having an injury or even a surgery. But the recovery process! 

So I want you to know, It takes time and I'm here for you along the process, to listen to you, your questions, concerns and feelings to develop a program specifically for you (I do recommend you take private sessions).

"I believe in this method because I have seen the results not only in myself but in my clients, I get inspired by their work and the method itself when it shows effective results at all ages.

Movement is healing, Pilates is inclusive.

Learn to be gentle with yourself .To work smart and no so hard, your body will thank you"

This Journey will empower you and I can't wait to share it with you!

- Gabriela

Funny statement from pilates people; Pilates, the more you do it and understand it the harder it gets! haha!

Yes and no... right? 

See you on the mat.


Here's the amazing Flora Carter in one of our private sessions.

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Super model in NYC that you've probably seen on magazines or nike posters and catalogue

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